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Fully automatic zipper puller machine

Time:2021-12-09 Views:1

Causes and solutions for welding product defects

1. Overflow glue of ultrasonic welding machine welding products:

1. The product has no ultrasonic line

Solution: The product is equipped with a sound line of the super-through slider machine

2. The machine temperature of the machine piercing slider is too high

Solve the measures to pass through the slider machine: reset the product temperature

3. The mold design is not in place

Solution: re-modify the mold

Second, the quality of ultrasonic piercing machine welding machine welding product is unstable

1. Unstable power results in the inability to form the stable friction heat piercing function of the slider. So how to make the power output stable?

The output power of the machine + HORN expansion ratio = the actual possible power of the pull-through machine. It can be seen that when a certain product is ultrasonically welded, the stronger the output power of the machine, the smaller the expansion ratio of the HORN. On the contrary, the smaller the output power of the machine. The larger the enlargement ratio of the HORN design is.

Third, the product size is unstable after the super piercing slider machine sonic fusion through the slider machine is connected. Solution:

1. Increase the welding safety factor (sequentially by welding time, pressure, power).

2. Enable fine-tuning fixing screws (should be controllable to 0.02m/m).

Pull the head machine

3. Check whether the output energy of the ultrasonic upper die is sufficient (increase the number of segments when insufficient) through the slider machine.

Pull the head machine

4. Check whether the positioning of the piercing machine fixture and the product endurance are stable.

5. Modify the fuse of the ultrasonic wave guide.