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Introduction to the three system features of the fully automatic zipper machine

Time:2021-10-12 Views:1

Fully automatic zipper machine is environmentally friendly, stable quality, low heat sealing temperature, good air tightness, strong tension, durable plastic clip chain, after many tests, it can completely replace imported similar products, now let us summarize the full automatic zipper machine Among the three system characteristics:


1. Hydraulic system: The function of the hydraulic transmission system is to realize the injection molding machine to provide power according to the various actions required by the process, and to meet the requirements of the pressure, speed, temperature, etc. required by each part of the injection molding machine. It is mainly composed of various hydraulic components and hydraulic auxiliary components, among which the oil pump and the motor are the power source of the injection molding machine. Various valves control the oil pressure and flow rate to meet the requirements of the injection molding process.


2. Electrical control system: The electrical control system and hydraulic system are reasonably coordinated to realize the process requirements (pressure, temperature, speed, time) and various program actions of the injection machine. It is mainly composed of electrical appliances, electronic components, meters, heaters, sensors, etc. There are generally four control modes, manual, semi-automatic, fully automatic, and adjustment.


3. Heating/cooling system: The heating system is used to heat the barrel and the injection nozzle. The barrel of the injection molding machine generally uses an electric heating ring as a heating device, which is installed on the outside of the barrel and is detected in sections by a thermocouple. The heat conducts heat conduction through the wall of the cylinder to provide a heat source for the plasticization of the material; the cooling system is mainly used to cool the oil temperature, too high oil temperature will cause a variety of faults, so the oil temperature must be controlled. The other location that needs to be cooled is near the feeding port of the feed pipe to prevent the raw material from melting at the feeding port, causing the raw material to fail to be fed normally.


Basically, we have already got a general understanding of the internal structure of the automatic zipper machine, so far as a reference! ! !