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Principle of Ultrasonic Mechanism

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Concave-convex buckle zipper machine

Convert 220V, 50H concave-convex buckle zipper machine Z into 15KHZ (or 20KHZ) high-voltage electrical energy, and use vibrators to convert it into mechanical energy. Such mechanical vibration is transmitted to the workpiece through the transmission element and the welding head, and the air pressure is used to produce the friction effect of the working interface. The vibrator and the transmission sub-device are in the vibrating cylinder, and the welding head is connected externally. The air pressure system and the control loop are used to lift up and down under the pre-set conditions to complete the operation procedure. Concave-convex buckle zipper machine

Principles of Ultrasonic Application

The physical definition of the wave of the correct concave-convex buckle zipper machine is: the transmission of vibration in the object forms a wave. The formation of such waves must have two conditions: one is the source of vibration, and the other is the propagation medium. There are generally several types of waves as follows: First, they are classified according to the direction of vibration and the direction of propagation. When the vibration direction is perpendicular to the propagation direction, it is called a transverse wave. When the vibration direction is consistent with the propagation direction, it is called a longitudinal wave. The second is that the concave-convex buckle zipper machine is classified according to frequency. We know that the sensitive hearing range of human ears is 20HZ-20000HZ, so the waves in this range are called sound waves. The waves below this range of the concave-convex buckle zipper machine are called infrasound waves, and the waves beyond this range are called ultrasonic waves.

The wave propagating in an object mainly has the following parameters: one is the speed V, the other is the frequency F, and the third is the wavelength λ. The relationship between the three is as follows: V=F.λ. The speed at which waves propagate in the same substance is a certain speed, so the frequency is different, the wavelength is also different. In addition, one thing that needs to be considered is that there is always attenuation in the propagation of the wave concave-convex buckle zipper machine in the object. The farther the propagation distance, the greater the energy attenuation, which is also considered in the ultrasonic processing.

Application principle of ultrasonic in plastic processing

For the ultrasonic used in plastic processing, the existing working frequencies are 15KHZ, 18KHZ, 20KHZ, 40KHZ. The principle is to use the peak position of the longitudinal wave of the concave-convex buckle zipper machine to transfer the amplitude to the gap of the plastic part. Under pressure, the molecules of the contact part of the two plastic parts or other parts and the plastic part will collide with each other to melt and melt the contact position. The plastic is fused to achieve the purpose of processing.