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Structural components of zipper machinery

Time:2021-12-31 Views:1

The zipper machine is basically composed of three parts: a power part, a working part and a transmission device.

The power part is the source of the mechanical power of the zipper. Commonly used engines (prime movers) include electric motors, internal combustion engines, and air compressors.

The working part is the part that directly completes the work tasks of the zipper machine. It is at the end of the entire transmission device. Its structure depends on the purpose of the zipper machine, such as the main shaft, carriage, and worktable of the metal cutting machine tool.

The transmission device is the intermediate link that transmits the movement and power of the power part to the working part, such as belt transmission, screw transmission, gear transmission, linkage mechanism, cam mechanism, etc. commonly used in metal cutting machine tools. The transmission methods used in zipper machinery mainly include mechanical transmission, hydraulic transmission, pneumatic transmission and electric transmission.