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Zipperbag Bag Machine: Common faults of bag making machines with parts of parts

Time:2023-11-16 Views:1

The zipper bag -making mechanism bag machine and other manufacturing, manufacturing machines and equipment have insufficient pressure resistance of the materials and equipment, or poor fatigue resistance, which prompts the machine and equipment to be quickly brittle and worn in all normal applications. Failure, it is the low characteristics of the early machine equipment, but even if it is a performance machine and equipment accompanied by the increase in use time.

Mask machine equipment parts produce damage, wear, deformation, fatigue, etc. This kind of poor elements will slowly accumulate. After a certain level, it will cause common failures of machinery and equipment. For example, the actual operation is not good, the common faults are usually maintained in maintenance, the mechanical and equipment application is difficult, and the operation procedures in the machine and equipment work are incorrect.


Computer bag machine bag machines are composed of many components. Once components are consumed and common faults will cause common faults of machinery and equipment. Therefore, everyone should pay attention to the connection between the common faults of the bag making machine and parts.

Computer pocket machine

Based on the analysis of the use period of machinery and components, the overall operating status of the machine and equipment can be carried out accurate inferences. Therefore, in order to carry out common fault manipulation analysis of industrial equipment, you need to choose moderate parts as an analysis version.

The sample version is very moderate, and it is particularly important to have the quality of work quality for common fault manipulation analysis. Selecting components must have high symbolicity, to reflect the overall service life of industrial equipment, and have a close and close contact with the operation of the machine and equipment.

The resolution of the remaining service life of important parts is created above the results of the data analysis of many similar parts data information data analysis. First, according to many similar components credibility and data information information drawing, the service life curve diagram -reliability curve chart, and then find the confidential use period on the curve diagram, according to the existing construction construction Time finds the remaining use period of important parts.