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Zipperbag Bag Machine: Point Broken Equipment for Bag Makers

Time:2023-11-16 Views:1

Zipperbag bag maker thermal contraction high -resistance food packaging film, the key is used in the packaging of frozen foods, seafood products, and the foundation of the hot film bag machine equipment on the sales market includes thermal seal and dot processing process, and thermal heat Most of the sealing and break -up processing processes are divided into two process processes, because the process of processes can easily cause the heat sealing line to be inconsistent with the subsequent breaks.

The mask machine and even tilt and the point break and move, resulting in the appearance of the shape of the packaging bag after molding, the design of the packaging bag is not turned off, it is not good -looking and uniform; The height after the sealing line is a major difficulty in the industry at this stage. Therefore, changing the design plan for the mechanical system of the original machinery and equipment is urgent. Disposable equipment has key practical significance.

Computer bag mechanism Bag machine hot sealing point breaks are key include: torture rollers, the broken roller and the drive system arm fixing and non -connecting, the transmission system arm is fixed on the rotor shaft, the rotor shaft and the driving force transmission system mutually mutually mutually interact with each other Connect; apply the interrupted device described in the bag making machine, you can easily manipulate the entire posture of the roller, that is, it can easily manipulate all the work hours of the whole process.

Make more accurate, stable and reliable work in the discrete work, and improve the yield of the product. In addition, the broken roller can be extended during parking, so as to clear the residual objects on the hot -melt blades, disassemble and change the high temperature cloth.

This setting not only constructs simple structure and high efficiency in manufacturing, but also can reasonably manipulates the edging distance between the thermal seal and the point to open the middle. The technical specifications of this product are: a hot sealing point of a bag making machine, which is characterized by the characteristics, including the upper fixing board set from top to bottom, on the movement board, positioning board, lower movement board, and its bottom. Do not move.