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Nylon Zipper Ironing Machine

Brand : HHD

Product origin : Guangdong Province

Delivery time : Within 15days after downpayment

Supply capacity : 100 sets/ month

Machine Character

Applicable to all kinds of zipper tape,drying ironing,high drying efficiency,small footprint,easy operation.Heating mode has three kinds of options:steam,electric heating,heat conduction oil.

The use of high speed motor and speed control frequency converter, the speed of the ironing cylinder can be adjusted.

Configuration of cold water circulation cooling roller,can achieve the setting effect,to prevent the deformation after drying.

Metal zipper tape ironing equiment.

Machine Technical Data

Machine modelXY-T1000
Stainless steel dry drum sizeΦ1000mm*2000mm*2
Cooling drum sizeΦ570mm*2000mm*1
Operating Temperature140-200℃
4KW Variable speed motor with 120 # turbo reducer with a speed control device
Drying two pcs zipper at same time ; machine speed can be adjusted according to customer requirement
Body standSS41 * 12 # channel steel
Output cooling standSS41 * 5 # steel angle iron
Pressure gauge10Kg / cm2 * 1 pcs
Steam rotary jointΦ1 "* 2 pcs
Cooling water Rotary jointΦ1" * 2 pcs
Steam inlet shut-off valve10Kg / cm2 * Φ1 " * 1 pcs
Safety valve10Kg / cm2 * Φ1 " * 1 pcs

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