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Un-lock Zipper Slider Assembly Machine

Brand : HHD

Product origin : Guangdong Province

Delivery time : Within 15 days after downpayment

Supply capacity : 200 sets/ month

Machine Character

It respectively arranges to pull head by the vibrator, assemble the slider with puller through the orbit ,and the output is high;

Install a selector to choose uncombined the slider and puller, when the slider and puller cannot be combined or combination of unfinished the machine will automatically stop;

The design is simple, easy operation, convenient maintenance;

According to production situation of operator to adjust the machine speed.

Machine Technical Data

Machine NameZinc alloy non-lock trunk slider with multi types Puller assembly machine
Avergae Output9000-9300 pcs/hour
L*W*H (m)1.3*0.85*1.15

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