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Back Glue Coating Machine

Brand : HHD

Product origin : Guangdong Province

Delivery time : Within 15 days after downpayment

Supply capacity : 10 sets /month

Machine Character


Designed on the basis of 20 years of experiences on production, this machine is used for gluing and molding the sticky ribbons, and comprises of multiple sections with different functions. Compared to other similar products, this machine is characterized by its environment protection performance, energy saving and high yield. The inner and outer parts of the boxes are made of stainless steel and can perform the function of heat insulation. Its transmission system employs linked action mode with frequency conversion. With the help of tension control, the speed can be adjusted to a table level. The system is the key unit in producing sticky ribbons.


Width of glued ribbon reaches 170 mm, with temperature of 130°C ~150°C.

One side of ribbon touches roller, not the hook surface and loop. The original characteristic is kept.

Independent motor for each box, tension controlled between boxes; linked actions keep ribbons flat and deformation free; ribbon not turnedver inside box.

Pre-drying for deodorization, odor free inside workshop.

Automatic glue compensation, controlled liquid level.

Fast cooling system for output ribbons.

Machine Technical Data

Tape Qty(pcs)16
Average Output(m/min)30-4048-72
Volt(V)380 v380 v
L*W*H (m)1.5*1.4*51.6*1.7*4.8
Weight (kg)50006800

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