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Tape Splitting and Winding Machine

Brand : HHD

Product origin : Guangdong Province

Delivery time : Within 15 days after downpayment

Supply capacity : 100 sets/ month

Machine Character


This machine is suitable for stripping the hook side or burr side of sticky ribbons. Minimum width for stripping can reach less than 10mm. The system is characterized by its automatic edge alignment, synchronous tension control for winding, automatic control for fixed length and speed regulation via frequency conversion. With striping speed of 100m/min, this machine is so far the most advanced system of its kind.


Automatic edge aligning and stripping.

Min. stripping width: less than 10mm.

Automatic setting for metering, tension control for winding.

Machine Technical Data

Tape Qty(pcs)1
Average Output(m/min)50-100
Power( kw)1.8
L*W*H (m)2.5*1*1.6
Weight (kg)2000

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