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Warping Machine for Tape Yarn

Brand : HHD

Product origin : Guangdong Province

Delivery time : Within 15 days after downpayment

Supply capacity : 100 sets/ month

Machine Character


This machine is used for arranging warp yarns at the sticky-ribbon beam. The warp yarns can be chemical filaments, twisted filaments and mono filament. Equipped with movable yarn stand, hydraulic tension control, eight-ring tension control, electronic yarn-break detection device, magnetic-eye yarn separating disc and lead-in yarn separation reed, the system can adjust the inlet angle of yarns to allow them to keep the same tension. Together with the W-shape retractable steel reed, the quantity of yarns can be adjusted so as to realize straight and smooth yarn arrangement. Dual-braking system is employed for yarn breaking, no inertia happens when system stops, nor broken yarn at the beam. The machine can facilitate ribbon weaving and improve production efficiency.


Principal motor controlled by frequency converter, reliable digital  pulse based on PLC commands, ensuring constant speeds for fast/low speed winding and reverse winding.

Upward and downward movement of beam bracket controlled by pneumatic device, height controlled by photoelectric switch and PLC, different positions selected according to the diameter of the beam. Manual operation free.

Rear racket controlled by pneumatic device, slice type gudgeon minimizing the damage on the inner hole of beam.

Pneumatic brake disc for principal braking, hollow brake disc with its good radiation, automatic compensation and indicated brake caliper and shoe plate, improved stability and service time.

Japanese Mitsubishi Fx2n programmable system and 5.7-inch WeinView touch screen for electrical part; all electrical failures and operation errors are displayed on touch screen. Pneumatic components made by AirTAC of Taiwan; conforming air is controlled by PLC commands to precisely execute different actions on the machine.

Machine Technical Data

Machine NameWarping machine for tape yarnWarping machine for tape yarn
Average Output350m/min350m/min
Power3 kw3 kw
Volt380 v380 v
L*W*H (m)4*1.1*1.84*1.1*1.8
Weight (kg)400400

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