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Dewater Machine

Brand : HHD

Product origin : Guangdong Province

Delivery time : Negotiable

Supply capacity : 200 sets/month

Machine Character

Standard Structure:

The dewater machine made of stainless steel,the material is wearable and easy to dewater.

Open the door and put the material into it,shut the door, select the dewater time(usually 10 minutes),the machine will dewater the material very efficiency automatically.

This machine can not only dewater the tape,but also wool,jeans, cotton and other materials.

For motor, our standard voltage is 380V,50hz, but we can change it as your request.

Machine Features:

It made by high quality stainless steel inner and outer sleeve which make smooth luminous and anti-corrosive, with slight abrade and no harm to fabric.owning the very long life.

The inner liner gate covers is loaded with the stainless steel safe lock mechanism, the outer sleeve gate covers is equipped with the electric appliance lock assembly safely, the revolution is mutually reliable;

The triangle adhesive tape transmission, vibrate slight,run stable,and durable.

HHD series industrial dewater machine are suitable for blanching & dyeing factory, hostel, troop, hospital, hotel, large & middle size enterprise and service field to wash various fabrics made of cotton, wool, linen and chemical fiber.

Machine Technical Data

ModelsDiameter(mm)Capacity(kg)Power(kw)Speed(r/min)Net weight(kg)Size(mm)

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