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Velcro Plastic Hook Molding Machine

Brand : HHD

Product origin : Guangdong Province

Delivery time : Negotiable

Supply capacity : 10 sets/month

Machine Character

HHD series plastic hook production line is the production of Velcro plastic hook dedicated unit, the unit uses advanced extrusion technology and unique mold rolling technology, adapted to PP, PA6, PE, PVC, TPU and other plastic, nylon materials.The product line configures #2,#3,#4 mold and dehumidifier dryer, mixer, edge material grinder, sub-machine and other auxiliary equipment.

The extruder temperature controller uses Japan RKC company PID instrument, equipped with melt pressure, temperature sensor, drive motor frequency control, frequency converter using ABB inverter, Germany Siemens controller, sheet three roller polishing machine using quenching mirror Roller (according to different requirements can be customized), three-roll drive motor frequency control, inverter using Delta inverter, mold for the hanger structure, winding method for the center of coiling. The calender roll is heated as a water heater. The same time as the above-

The company can customize the equipment according to the customer's different requirements. At present, dozens of domestic and foreign granulation and products manufacturers to provide equipment. Equipment a variety of specifications (width 100-600mm, extrusion volume 5-250kg/h).

Machine Technical Data

Linear speed10~25m/min10~25m/min
Extrusion capacity50-80kg/h150kg/h
Sheet thickness0.2-2mm0.3-1.8mm
Max width160mm160mm
Principal motor power70kW230kW
MonitoringTransducer controlTransducer control
Air pressure6bar6bar

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